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Allianz-Logistika, LLC

An Oil and gas storage provider

Allianz Logistika aim is known amongst the number one player in the business of oil storage and transshipment of goods and services. And for us achieve success in our activities, we keep our cultures and values, sustain growth and profit, improve on capital efficiency and maintain quality. We deliver comprehensive midstream solutions and tank storage services for both existing and prospective Companies and/or customers.  We own, operate and develop fully automated, state-of-the art, oil storage terminals at strategic locations for our customers. Allianz Logistika has deep capital resources to fund acquisitions and the operations experience to provide excellent long-term service for our customers. For more than 2 decades, we have focused on meeting customer's needs through bulk liquid storage facilities adapted to meet their needs.

Strategic Partners

KLJ Progress Solutions
Brightstone Venture Capital
Power Service, Inc.